Orkut Drops Support for IE6

In case you have missed the recent buzz around IE6, there is a virtual campaign going on by web developers to kill IE6. According to them, IE6 is so much lacking in support and innovation that it should be replaced with other popular browsers such as IE8, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The latest blow to IE6 comes from Google ‘s social network Orkut, which has dropped support for IE6. Orkut is still more popular than Facebook in some parts of the world and this decision by Google would affect millions of users. If you try to login to Orkut using IE6 now, you will be prompted to use one of the other popular browsers.

This campaign about killing IE6 is gaining more and more momentum as web companies and networks are deciding to drop support for it. A number of websites have also popped up to make people aware of the Kill IE6 campaign, such as this and this. A lot of Twitter profile pics can also be seen having a Kill IE6 logo on them.

[Via Mashable]

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