Disney’s Solution For Organizing digital Distribution of Media – KeyChest

On Tuesday, January 5th, Walt Disney Corporation released a new technology, called KeyChest, that enables customers to purchase films or television shows from distributors, then store them on remote servers, and finally play them on different media such as TVs, PCs, and cell phones. The primary objective behind this move is to enable viewers to access this movie from anywhere, allow for easy storage, and also solve the problem of converting the media into different forms that are compatible with different playing devices.

KeyChest is primarily going to be run by a third party, and Walt Disney is still negotiating with content distributors, cable companies and telecommunications services to make this possible and hopes to deploy it by the end of this year.

KeyChest is also intended to be a multi-corporate venture, according to the statement made by Kelly Summers, vice president of digital distribution at Disney. The idea behind this is that consumers won’t have much of a variety to choose from if only Disney is involved.

Further, KeyChest is hoped to give a boost to the movement of digital distribution of media that has been long in the offing. Now, a consumer can purchase a movie from a participating store, following which, the account with the telecom services and cable companies would be advised to show that the movie could be viewed by him/her.

However, consumers will not have direct acces to KeyChest. Rather, retailers will first verify if the consumer already has the legal rights for the media, and then make it available for viewing.

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