Oracle’s Final Damage Claim Against Google May Be Less than $100 Million

Oracle, which was claiming billions of dollars in damages from Google in a patent infringement lawsuit concerning the use of Java in Android, may have to make do with a lot less.

Oracle jumped into the patent wars by claiming that Google infringed upon its patents by using parts of the Java programming language in Android. It initially demanded $6 billion in damages, a figure which was declared ridiculous by the presiding judge.

After that, it reduced its claims to $2 billion, but even that was apparently quite high. Google has been claiming that the damages would add up to around $37.5 million to $46.6 million, which is way lower than what Oracle thinks it deserves.

Even if Oracle manages to up the damages figure a bit, it will likely be under $100 million, which is chump change for Google.

Google and its partners have been attacked by a number of technology giants, including Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, for developing and using Android. At least in the Oracle case, it seems that Google may have scored a minor victory. We’ll know for sure only after the case goes to trial.

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