Oracle to merge two JVM technologies: HotSpot and JRockit

Oracle has plans of merging the two JVMs available for Java, namely the Sun HotSpot and the JRockit. The news of the merge surfaced through a webcast this week. It is said that the merge will take roughly eighteen months to two years. On this development, Mark Reinhold, Oracle’s principal engineer has said that the company would continue to develop both platforms in the short term.

Although the decision is believed to have been taken some time ago, the news of such a possibility was floating from last month when Oracle mentioned this at a conference. HotSpot was Sun’s own implementation of JVM while JRockit was acquired by Oracle along with BEA systems.

On this merge, Reinhold said:

It’s not an easy problem taking the best of each, figuring out what the long-term convergence plan is. We’re not going to just stop doing one of them. Customers have things in production on both, taking advantage of specific features in both. We’re not going to cause an earthquake and make systems fall over. At some point in time, I expect there will be one VM,

While the HotSpot has a better runtime compiler, the JRockit has a better garbage collection. The merger will create a powerful virtualization with the best features of both.

[ Via : linuxworld ]

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