Oracle is Playing the Android Card Again, Google is in Trouble

Oracle is notorious for its lawsuits. It might be going a step further if I call it a patent troll but Oracle is behaving like one lately. Google is clearly the underdog in the Android lawsuit, but what Oracle is doing is notorious nonetheless. Oracle has asked Google to pay up for the patent infringements. As worrying as this is, it will pin down Google’s entire Android business in two killer blows.
First, Google would have to move to a per-copy license fee. Second, the lawsuit claims for monetary compensations that far surpass Google’s profits with Android, which we know is not much. The scenario is building up from October last year and the Googlers at Mountain View are having a tough time with Oracle beating the Android drums every now and then.

The Android boom that we have seen lately owes its existence to the fact that Android is hassle free unlike most other mobile OS. Added licenses will add parameters for the buyer and for Google as well, hampering further Android sales. Oracle has earned a bad name for itself over the course of the last six months. Moreover, Oracle is not on a good start with Sun technologies as it has shut down many and has cared less about the ones that live.

Oracle has thrown out old Sun talent and some have left  voluntarily.  The big shot Gosling himself has joined Google and this earns Google some thumbs up, at least from people. However, Oracle has a strong case in court where people do not count and legal arguments do.

I will not support Oracle in this even if they are right, because of their attitude. However, Google should have taken care of things as well. A complete drilldown of the patent is available here and you can figure the proceedings of the entire case from reading it.

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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