#OpPayPal is the New Hacktivist Operation from LulzSec and Anonymous

I think I should start this post by stating that there is a blurred distinction between Anonymous and LulzSec in the shady realms of the internet. Even in the face of this harsh reality, I have general contempt for the immature and mischevious LulzSec while I am not apathetic to Anonymous who are generally a more mature lot.


Considering the little amount of mayhem that LulzSec caused and the disproportionately high amount of chest thumping they gave themselves, they always seem to be on the threshold of quitting. Their latest communiqué comes at the heels of Anonymous’ #OpPayPal (the hashtag on Twitter for operation PayPal) a worldwide boycott of PayPal because they are still not allowing donations to Wikileaks and threatens PayPal with cracking into their vaults (emphasis added):-

The hateful fiends at PayPal have unleashed FBI sea dogs to hunt down some of the more beloved members of our battlefleet. That is why we have decided to raise anchor and leave harbour for one final journey on the seven proxseas. We’ve set our LulzCannon’s sights on the smarmy pirates of PayPal and will take no prisoners. They have not kept their most important booty safe. We find this very troubling, as it is not even their booty! Take this as a warning from your friendly LulzBoat captain. Wise little LulzLizards should withdraw their funds from PayPal before we do.

The LulzSec twitter account is also buzzing with a lot of anti-PayPal propaganda and suggesting a lot of alternatives for the service. We are not great fans of PayPal ourselves, but at least we do not break into the accounts of customers and steal their hard-earned money. It seems LulzSec is threatening to do exactly that.


Are you listening PayPal? Even if it is an empty threat, you should secure your network just to be safe.

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  • The sad thing here is that PayPal T&C’s are so tightly written that if their customers get hacked PayPal won’t lose a cent. Although they will eventually lose customers.

    Sure PayPal are scumbags and not just for the Wikileaks ban. If they do get targeted, let’s hope it is done in a way that the ordinary individual does not lose out.

  • Hackers are the EVIL
    Congressman Anthony Weiner told the world that HACKERS hacked his account and sent photo’s of his wiener to females. And we believe him. The SUN hacked dead people’s phones to make millions selling papers and we bought the papers. Now everyone blames hackers or use hacking to get the influence and power they want and need. Their sick mentality allows them to use’s hackers as a “way and means” to justify what is real and unreal and what we believe it.

    We nod our heads and say “Yeah the Evil hackers did it” or we pick up The SUN and say they are great journalist, he is a great politician but they are the evil one they lied to our face.
    Remember Susan Smith thru crocodile tears told us a black man stole her van and drowned her kids- we believe her too for a while. If we make the bogeyman scary enough we believe anything about them without clear critical thinking. Lately in the News China has been hacking everything in sight. But are they? Is it really China or we using the bogeyman scare tactics to make us believe it. Now we hear that hacktivist are going to shut down the electric grid. June 30, 2011 Lockheed Promises Electric-Grid Security, the company that just got hacked because of bad security is going to secure our Power Grid you got to be kidding me. I’m I the only one who thinks this is a sick joke.
    The Department of Homeland Security told the world that China’s SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) has vulnerabilities, so now every hacker knows. America does its share of hacking and this was a political move saying to the Chinese if you mess with us we will take you down.
    Hackers are not all evil it depends on what evil we are talking about. In the Arab Spring Arab governments wanted to stop the Internet, they were saying American were evil hackers because we used different ways for the people to communicate and inform the world about the atrocities that were happening. So this “evil hacker” stuff has to stop. Let’s be a little more intelligent about this and yes stop hackers from doing evil things but let’s keep our “Cyber Freedom”. Cyberspace has had a great impact in the world and we are becoming better people because of it. Let’s not be so quick to jump the gun and call them all evil hackers. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but the truth is always the truth.