Opera 11.10 RC Released – Includes Power Saving Mode

Opera today introduced Opera 11.10 “Barracuda” Release Candidate (build 2081) with more enhanced user interface and bringing in stability.



The Opera 11.10 Beta finally brings in cleaner Speed Dial and ability to see live content. It also brings in tons of fixes like search (where you couldn’t search keyword more than 3 letters), flash content etc. You can check the entire change log here.

One of the most important addition to the Opera 11.10 Beta has been the Power Saving Mode. Opera 11.10 Beta detects when your laptop is not connected to power and consumes less power. This mode is currently available only on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Besides that, with this release you can seamlessly install and use Opera Addons.  It also uses the new Opera Presto 2.8 rendering engine and adds support for the Google WebP image format.

Check out the video:

You can download Opera 11.10 Beta from here.

PS: Since it’s a beta it would work better on a clean install.

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