OpenDNS Serves 20 Billion DNS Queries in a Single Day

OpenDNS, which provides users with a safer and more reliable Domain Name lookup service has hit a huge milestone. When I say huge, I mean really really huge. They served 20 billion DNS queries in a single day, which is quite huge considering that back in April 2009 they had reached a 10 Billion milestone.


So has the Internet exploded? Or, are we just seeing more and more users switching to public DNS servers like OpenDNS and ?

OpenDNS has come for some flak for the advertisements they display when a domain lookup is unsuccessful, this is not the same with Google DNS. It would be interesting to see the figures of both Google DNS and OpenDNS side by side in a month or so. However, that aside, this is a really really huge achievement for OpenDNS and kudos to them for it.

You can read more about it in the OpenDNS newsletter. Don’t forget to also catch up on the OpenDNS founders response to the launch of Google DNS.

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