OpenBook Lets You Search Public Facebook Updates

With Facebook still trying to deny the privacy risk these new settings expose users to, OpenBook is a strong evidence of how screwed up Facebook’s privacy policies are. It is a simple search engine that lets you search Facebook updates that have been made public. These updates are from people who are either not smart enough to understand these new privacy settings or brave enough to share their status updates with the world.

OpenBook is to Facebook what PleaseRobme was to FourSquare. The only difference is that FourSquare hardly has a million users while Facebook has close to 500 Million. A simple search on “going out” tells you how many Facebook users will leave their houses unattended tonight and where they will be. The website even lists some latest searches to show you what people have been looking for. If you are worried about your privacy, and you should be, you can search OpenBook to make sure none of your status updates are showing up publicly. If they are, you can change your privacy settings.

OpenBook is yet another example that proves how messed up Facebook’s privacy settings are. As some people may argue, users have the choice to opt-out of these settings but is that so easy for a 50 year old non-English speaker to tweak around these now-complicated settings? Specially when they are changing almost every week!

[Via Ghacks]

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