People Already Hate The New YouTube Homepage

rolled out their new homepage to all the users today and it looks like the rollout is not going down well with thousands of users. I have seen users complaining about the new YouTube homepage on forums and elsewhere.

New YouTube Homepage

Several of YouTube and Google forums are plastered with petitions to get the old YouTube homepage back, take for example these threads. However, I haven’t seen any Google employees replying to these posts and the amount of comments and the tone of it really suggests that many people will simply walk off until they find a solution.

This was very well on expected lines because people really need time to get accustomed to change. Such backlashes are expected when sites have millions of users. Take for example the case of ; which frequently changes their homepage and profile page.

Sadly, YouTube does not have any option to turn back users homepage to the old one. However, rest assured there will be several User Scripts coming up in the next few days which will provide a remedy for this problem.

As always, we promise to write a guide to move back to the old YouTube homepage when such scripts become available. Till then there is nothing anyone can do.

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  • DJ

    “the tone of it really suggests that many people will simply walk off until they find a solution”

    LOL no offense but I seriously doubt that will happen. The only way people are going to walk away from Youtube is if they start charging people to view videos. Otherwise, every new thing they do will be met with people complaining, because people love to complain.

    • Eddie

      I walked away yesterday, and Deleted all my uploaded content. I have been a long time fan and user of YouTube, Way before Google got their hands on it.

      I walked away and have no problem with it, I hope others will follow,
      when google fixes the homepage ill return, untill then,
      there are plenty of other video sharing sites such as metacafe.

      • since the change, ive been seing less than a 10% than i usually do, and deleted all my subscriptions (except two)

  • Ishmael

    I don’t love to complain, I just really hate the changes. With the old version I turned everything off that I didn’t like. My homepage was clean. Now I see all the things that I’ve turned off back with a whole lot of stuff I don’t want to see. If I could just get rid of all those things, like I could with the old one, I wouldn’t mine all these changes.

  • I actually agree, it sucks. And now I’m wasting time looking for the old homepage, and if I don’t then I will use less time than before. And I hate having to complain for stupid ideas they bring up without keeping other options.

  • Eddie

    I myself, A long time user and fan of YouTube, have found the new home page such a mess, the fact it was forced on us with no option to opt out or use old homepage I find as a major insult.

    I have been reading through several forums and I have seen a grand total of 3 people that had something positive to say about the new layout, Thats out of thousands I have scanned through.

    I am leaving YouTube untill they give a fix for this latest train wreck, I am BOYCOTTING YouTube,

    I have deleted all my uploaded videos, Removed my Youtube book mark from my browser and will not watch any videos on any site that are based at YouTube. I will never even visit the site ever again untill I hear that they have brought the old homepage back or at least given an option to opt out of the new one.

    I really like youtube but this is just too much, At some point you have to walk away.

    Its our content, our video uploads and work that draws traffic, that generates revenue for Google, that pulls people in to see the adds.
    YouTube is just an empty room with walls that provides a place for the people to hang their work. Google cleans up on this by making big money through adds.

    We put up the work that makes YouTube possible, that makes Google Rich and yet they have no respect or regard for us. At some point you have to walk away from the disrespect and stop helping them, Thats why I walked away and took my Uploads with me.

    If every person that is unhappy with the new home page would do the same, There would be a hell of a lot less traffic/Revenue for YouTube, Both from us not visiting the site and from the massive drop in the amount of available to be seen on YouTube.

    Making a dent in Googles Profit is the only way to get their attention.

    But I know most will not do this because they are worried about loosing their precious view count on their videos, I guess thats how YouTube gots you by the balls. Not me, I am willing to put in the effort and loose view counts to maybe prevent this crap in the future, Or you can do nothing and let YouTube keep disrespecting you and just take it like a good little sheep.

  • techy-do

    I am a have watcher of you tube and have many subscriptions. Lots of them are highly popular and get revenue from viewers who watch because of the hits. I can’t find them, and I cannot customize the page as I had it, and now my eyes are all over the place…. it is to frustrating. At least come up with a customizable option. That was the only thing MySpace was good for some years ago. Scripts to get things looking how you like. I waste more time looking for my stuff than I do watch since the switch. How frustrating.

  • sirmus k

    nothing yet? i really have the new layout. i can’t find anything i’m looking for. and they say new is good!

  • Njk

    this new layout is 1000 times worst ttan previous one,its just shit…..

  • Lisa M.

    Well guys it has to look like that shitty facebarf … erm book site to attract idiots … erm customers.

  • “Where is the style” New look again, sad panda for that! i cant find
    shit, and its so FB over it, totally white, did i just visit a hospital
    on the net? i used to have it on expand, so there was atleast some dark
    around the video and on the screen, not anymore though, stupid Youtube,
    where’s the style!!