People Already Hate The New YouTube Homepage

rolled out their new homepage to all the users today and it looks like the rollout is not going down well with thousands of users. I have seen users complaining about the new YouTube homepage on forums and elsewhere.

New YouTube Homepage

Several of YouTube and Google forums are plastered with petitions to get the old YouTube homepage back, take for example these threads. However, I haven’t seen any Google employees replying to these posts and the amount of comments and the tone of it really suggests that many people will simply walk off until they find a solution.

This was very well on expected lines because people really need time to get accustomed to change. Such backlashes are expected when sites have millions of users. Take for example the case of ; which frequently changes their homepage and profile page.

Sadly, YouTube does not have any option to turn back users homepage to the old one. However, rest assured there will be several User Scripts coming up in the next few days which will provide a remedy for this problem.

As always, we promise to write a guide to move back to the old YouTube homepage when such scripts become available. Till then there is nothing anyone can do.

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