Offline Gmail Access With Geemail

has rolled out a new feature for accessing your emails offline with the help of Google Gears, however not many users are happy with the new offering.


If you are one of the unhappy users, a new application called Geemail will help you to access your Gmail account and provide offline access to it.

In addition to being a offline Gmail application, Geemail provides you with a standalone interface to access your Gmail account, this was also possible earlier with GMDesk another Adobe Air application


With Geemail you can compose your email even when you are offline, once a network connection is established, Geemail will send out the email. You can also access the last 1500 emails in your Gmail account offline, so you can download the emails once and then close down your internet connection.

Download Geemail [via CNET]

2 thoughts on “Offline Gmail Access With Geemail”

  1. Adobe always have solid solutions, and there is no reason why this one shouldn’t be too. I for one would rather not give Google too much power, and will rather use an app from Adobe to give me the offline functionality that I crave.

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