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By on April 16th, 2010

Google has launched official “Buzz this” buttons for bloggers and webmasters and you can create your own Google buzz buttons from this page. The buttons can be easily integrated in your blog or website, just paste in a simple Javascript code and the button goes live.

Using the Google buzz button, the visitors of your blog can quickly share posts in their “Buzz network”. You can completely customize the size and look of the buttons to fit it in your blog template.

Basically, there are two types of buttons to choose from – a “Follow me on Buzz” button and a “Post to Buzz” button. The former acts as a link to your buzz profile, anyone can click the button to start following you on Google buzz. The latter acts as a way to share a webpage in Google buzz, just like the Digg and Tweetmeme buttons discussed earlier.

Customize the “Post to Buzz” Button: You can customize the “Post to Buzz” button to show the counter, the button or both of them. Other features include showing the counter on top or right, defining a custom URL type for the post and showing a custom image as well. The impressive thing is that you can choose a custom language for the “Google Buzz” buttons, which is definitely a new idea. Currently, the buttons supports 59 international languages.

Promote your Google Buzz Account using “Follow on Buzz” button: If you would like to promote your Google buzz account, use the “Follow on Buzz button. Your blog visitors can start following you on Google buzz, without having to leave the page they are reading. Works much the same way as the “Post to Buzz” button, but this one doesn’t have much options available for customization.

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