NYPost.com Blocks Users Who Try To Access Site Via Safari On iPad

NYPost iPad app message

The New York Post has started to block iPad users who access their site via Safari.app. Now when you access their site via Safari.app on iPad, a message tells you to download their iPad app. In my opinion, this is a response to the new feature Apple introduced in iOS 5; “Safari Reader“. Safari Reader eliminates ads and offers the user a clean reading experience, and possibly costing ad revenue for news corporations. Also, if you try and access their site in Opera for iPad or Skyfire the site isn’t blocked.

Thanks for coming! NYPOST.com editorial content is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App. If you are a current New York Post App subscriber, please visit the App Store and download the latest version to access NYPOST.com through the INDEX. If you are not a current New York Post App user and would like to subscribe, please download from theApp Store. Thank you.

The rates for subscription are $6.99 per month, ¬†$39.99 for six months or $79.99 for the year. Unfortunately, there’s no way to purchase single-issues. In addition, NYPost has received lots of negative feedback for their decision. Hopefully other ¬†news corporations don’t follow their game plan.


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