Nvidia’s Tegra 2 Delivers Mind Blowing Performance, Runs Unreal 3


Tegra 2 is the latest iteration of Nvidia’s system-on-chip mobile processor, which was unveiled during CES 2010. Nvidia has made it clear that with Tegra 2 they are hoping to gain significant traction in the mobile market. If early benchmarks are an indication, then they may have a winner in their hands.

With Tegra 2 Nvidia has shifted to 40nm manufacturing process (compared to 65mn used earlier). It incorporates a Cortex-A9 CPU from ARM and is the first dual core A9 processor. Cortex A9 is an extremely capable platform which was able to match an Intel Atom processor coupled with a GPU. Have a look at the video embedded below. The real surprise here was that a Cortex A9 clocked at 500 MHz was comparable to an Intel Atom clocked at 1.6 GHz (coupled with a GPU).

Tegra 2 is a real winner when it comes to graphics. It was able to run Unreal 3 engine with ease. In fact Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeny, went so far as to proclaim that the next generation Tegras are nearly as capable as modern consoles when it comes to 3D rendering.

Nvidia failed to make much of a dent with Tegra. In fact, Zune HD almost solely carried Tegra on its back. However, Tegra 2 seems to be mind-blowing at the very least. It was able to smoothly play 1080p HD videos and managed to provide astounding battery life. According to reports, it is optimized enough to allow devices 16 hours of HD video playback and 140 hours of audio playback on a single charge. We already know that it will be powering

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