Nokia Doesn’t Have an “Exact Plan” for Windows 8 Tablets

In November, the head of Nokia France implied in an interview that Nokia was working with Microsoft on a Windows 8 tablet, which would be launched in 2012. However, in an interview today, Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop specifically said that Nokia doesn’t have an exact plan for entering the tablet market yet.

“Nokia does not have an exact plan, but we are studying the markets carefully. Perhaps we will come [to market] one day,” said Stephen Elop.

Nokia embraced Microsoft’s Windows Phone last year, and dumped Symbian. Nokia’s new Lumia phones have been getting rave reviews, and are expected to have good sales.

Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 in mid-2012, and most hardware manufacturers like Dell, HP and Samsung are already working on Windows 8 tablets.

Nokia is also expected to launch Windows 8 tablets eventually, but going by Stephen Elop’s statement today, don’t expect a Nokia Windows tablet anytime soon. It’s probably already late to the tablet party, which is now dominated by iOS and Android. Let’s just hope it makes up its mind, and launches a Windows 8 tablet soon after the Windows 8 launch.

Elop also confirmed that Nokia’s headquarters will stay in Espoo, Finland, amid speculation that Nokia would relocate its head offices to the U.S or the U.K.

“There’s no doubt about that. As long as I’m chief executive, the main office is in Espoo. Nokia has so much talent here in Finland. Also the key product development units and leaders are here.”

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