New YouTube Homepage Rolling Out For Everyone

Back in December 2010, began experimenting with a new personalized homepage for users. The new homepage brought in a lot of changes including merging of subscriptions, ability to delete videos from the homepage and so on.

New YouTube Homepage

The experimental YouTube homepage seems to have reached the end of its testing cycle, since YouTube announced today that they would be rolling out the new personalized homepage to all users starting today.

The new YouTube homepage will only we available to users who have logged into the website.

Some of the new features which will be available to logged in users include:

  • Increased focus on videos that matter to you (subscriptions, friend’s sharing, recommendations)
  • You can easily filter your homepage to show only the latest uploads from your subscriptions
  • Don’t miss anything; if a channel uploads four videos in a day, you’ll see all four – instead of just the latest video
  • Quick access to the inbox when you have new messages or comments
  • Knows what you have seen (videos you’ve watched are grayed out)
  • Remove any video (hover and click the "x" button)

However, not everyone is going to like the new YouTube homepage, which was also suggested in the official post. So expect to see some backlash from users.

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  • Kayla

    I want a choice between the new annoying one and the old, reliable one. If this does not happen, I will never visit it and just have a live RSS feed of my subscriptions’ uploads. We want a choice! YouTube shouldn’t force this new homepage on the community, even if it thinks that it is better than the old one. I have an idea for a solution: Option one in the preferences would be the New Homepage as it is now. Option two would be YouTube ‘Lite’. It would function exactly like iGoogle. You could be able to insert, delete, and move around gadgets. Some of these gadgets would be your subscriptions and your subscriptions’ recent activity. There would be gadgets that you can’t turn off, like the Featured and Popular videos, but you would be able to drag them around. As John Green of Nerdfighteria said in a recent Tweet, “[YouTube needs to] acknowledge the new homepage design is a mistake, reaffirm the need for changes, and return to drawing board.” Copy and paste this if you agree.