Are You Too Stupid to Cross a Street While on the Phone?

no-cell-phoneAccording to Carl Kruger, a state senator from Brooklyn, New York, you are too stupid to cross a street while talking on a cell phone. Therefore, Carl wants to save New York pedestrians by passing a law making it illegal to use an electronic device while crossing a street on foot. Some are calling it the iPod Bill.

deer-crossing-signA recent report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association, blames a 0.4% increase in pedestrian fatalities on electronic distractions, such as mobile phones and iPods, even though the causes haven’t been proven. Maybe there are actually more people on foot because of the 8.2% New York unemployment rates? Maybe people are walking more to avoid the higher gas prices?

Like many bright politicians, Senator Kruger keeps an eye out for any potential problems that might kill any future voters. He was quoted by the New York Times as saying “We’re taught from knee-high to look in both directions, wait, listen and then cross. You can perform none of those functions if you are engaged in some kind of wired activity.

kruger-ny-state-senatorDid we elect officials like Kruger to protect us from common every day activities, instead of doing things like balancing the state budget? It’s possible that the Senator believes that the $100 fines collected from violators of this new law might offset the current $64.8 billion dollar New York state debt.

policemanThese fines might provide the money needed to hire more police. The additional police could patrol the crosswalks so that they can collect even more fees. The average New York municipal policeman’s salary is about $60, 000. The cop would only have to bust about 600 people a year to break even. That sounds reasonable, right?

If this law is passed and deemed successful, maybe we’ll start seeing even better laws. Should senators chew gum while walking?

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  • Bill Webb

    No argument, Clif, but just sayin’. Yesterday I came within about six inches of hitting a woman who stepped out into the street in front of me…talking on her phone.

    • Thanks Bill. Yes, and no argument that it’s a problem. Distraction is a problem. I just hate to see a Pavlovian legislative response to a new problem.

  • lol guess I’m far worse… I often play games on my iPhone while walking to and off work..oops.. ocassionally looking on the road in front of me though but I have to admit my stupidity

  • Catmoves

    In answer to your question (Are You Too Stupid to Cross a Street While on the Phone?), no, I am not. But I see many, many people who are. But I want to look at this less than thoughtful article in a different way:
    For those of us who are capable of dissecting thoughts and shallow perceptions, we welcome the masses to cross streets while talking and texting on cells. For we have recognized the major problem as the seemingly complete stupidity and are well aware that the world’s major problem is: (Ta Ta) overpopulation. So the fewer of those those who cannot handle the idea of deep thought, the better it will be for those who can see what lies ahead.
    In order to support us, would you please write to your Senators and and Representatives and demand that they support Carl Kruger in the form of a Federal Law that will enable us to aid in population control in a major way. And we also ask that everyone involved make up half baked statitics (figures never lie) showing the lack of deaths and injuroes from this kind of accident.
    BTW, it might also be a good idea, for cities under 50,000 in population, to raise the speed limit on all streets to 55 mph.