The New Twitter Is A Lot Better But Is it Inching Towards Complexity?

The Spartan form of Twitter’s old web UI was killed back in June 2011 and now, Twitter is all set to push another major redesign in coming weeks. Twitter’s new design is coherent with the re-design of their official Android app, the new web UI of TweetDeck and the native TweetDeck installer for Windows and MAC that runs without Adobe AIR.

Something is up!

The new version of Twitter’s web UI is not available to everyone yet, but here are a few screenshots for you to enjoy.

Direct Messages in the revised version of Twitter are a lot simpler, follows a top to bottom nested flow but Twitter is shying to show the inbox folder in its main navigation. Notifications for new messages has finally arrived but I am really disappointed to see the DM link being hidden under a drop down menu.

Nevertheless, direct messages in the new Twitter continue to work like before, no group DM’s though.



The timeline is where all the fun begins.

Photos, videos and other media elements will now be embedded right within the timeline, unlike now, where you have to click the slide to right  link, in order to view the embedded media. This is in some ways better than the current design but in case you are following a large number of tweeples, you will have to practice faster scrolling.


I like the retweet count and favorite count feature added right in the bottom of a tweet, which is a quick way to find out popular retweets within your timeline, without having to visit the link in a new tab. Twitter has swapped left and right columns, the compose window is not The center of attractionanymore.

The new Connectsection is where you get in on the conversation. It is a new dedicated page where you can find out who has followed or mentioned you, retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets. So that explains why Twitter was busy experimenting with an activity feed for the last couple of months.


Search is being taken very seriously in the newer version of Twitter, which is yet to be enabled for my profile. I haven’t used the new Twitter search yet, so can’t comment on how precise and accurate the results are. But from the screenshots below, it appears that Twitter wants to be more like a meme with its #Discover page, organizing all the hottest links, retweets, favorites and relevant tweets right into your doorsteps. Hashtags, that match closely with your search query is embedded within the timeline while relevant photos and videos are showcased as and when they become available. In real time!

Another really


Importing contacts from your email account is still available under the Find Friendssection. Not to forget the Who to Followfeature which scans your Twitter following and suggests profiles you should follow or may want to engage with.



Once Upon A Time, Twitter Was Simple.

So damn simple that when I created my account three years back, I confused it with a big chat room where people can send an IM message to anyone. Twitter has been following the KISS philosophyfor years. No mumbo jumbo features, no friend requests, no chats, nothing. Plain broadcasting!

I loved it then, still do and I am sure I will be loving the new Twitter even more. But the bigger concern is   Is Twitter drifting towards complexity? Is this the first step towards Lets make it attractive so that more users hop over it right away?

I guess so, and there is no harm in making the cover attractive. Well played Twitter, well played.

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