Google Announces a Slew of New Features to Make Searching Even Faster

It’s a well-known fact that Google is obsessed with speed. Heck, they created a whole new browser, and even developed an alternative to the http protocol to speed things up. Now, they have announced four new features for its core search offerings that it hopes will enable the user to find the information he wants faster than ever before.

Google Voice Search: Voice search is something that the mobile edition of Google Search has been capable of doing for quite some time, and now Google is introducing the same feature to the desktop edition also. This feature will leverage the new HTML5 speech input API. As long as you have a mic and a browser that supports HTML5 voice recognition (currently that means only Chrome 11), you will be able to search the web through speech.

Google Search by Image: Google has been doing image recognition for quite some time through its remarkably cool Google Goggles app. Now it is adding similar capabilities to its desktop Google Image search. Users will be able to snap pictures, drag and drop existing images, or paste the link of an image to get relevant results.

Google Images with Instant: Almost a year after successfully launching Instant, Google is incorporating the same feature to its image search engine. For now, Instant for Google Images will be restricted only to users who opt in for the experiment. However, within the next couple of months, Google will roll it out to all domains and languages where Instant is already available for Search.

Google Instant Pages: One of Google’s earliest attempts at speeding up surfing was its ill-fated Web Accelerator software, which essentially prefetched pages (loaded web pages in advance). Although poor execution ensured that the Web Accelerator died a quick death, it did succeed in demonstrating that prefetching, if done smartly, can be advantageous. Now Google is baking in something similar into Chrome. On occasions where Google is fairly confident that the first result answers your query, it will load the page in advance. Instant Pages is currently limited to the developer version of Chrome, but will be included in the next beta of Chrome.

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