Google Introduces New Navigation Bar

Google Introduces New Navigation Bar

Following the launch of Google Plus, several Google products, including Maps, Docs, Gmail, and Reader, have received a fresh coat of paint. Google has been extensively tweaking the look and feel of different services in order to provide a uniform and consistent experience across the board. Now, Google has announced that it’s ready for the next stage of its redesign.

Google is doing away with the black navigation bar that it had introduced just a few months back. Instead, it’s adding a dropdown menu that will appear on hovering over the Google logo. It’s touting the new navigation system as a significant improvement since it reduces vertical space wastage, and allows one click access to more services. For signed-in users, Google Plus notifications and other options will now be available on the right hand side of the search box.


“Making navigation and sharing super simple for people is a key part of our efforts to transform the overall Google experience, which is why we’re very excited about this redesign”, wrote Google Technical Lead Eddie Kessler.

The new navigation bar is being rolled out in a phased manner, and should become available to all users by the end of this week.

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  • suraj

    this is similar to windows start button.

  • Looking forward to use it …can we download this now or need to wait

  • Not bad move, not bad… I had complaints about the old (black) navbar, but now it looks much better.