Bing Gets a Fresh Look, Shows Deeper Content in Search Results

Bing is planning some major changes to their search interface. This includes adding a quicktabsbar just below the search box, showing refined results for specific queries and organizing information without cluttering the search result pages with lots of links.

Lets take a closer look on the new changes made to Bing search results:

Quick Tabs: Earlier, the quick tabs appeared in the left sidebar but now the Bing team has decided to move it directly below the search box.


The interesting thing about the quicktabs is that they depend upon the search query and you might see different tabs for different queries. For example: if you search for Albert Einstein, you will see images and video quicktabs but this is not the case, if you search for Firefox.


This is a very neat idea, query specific quicktabs shows you relevant information without cluttering the search result pages.

The size of the background image has also been reduced to give the quicktabs more visibility and focus.

The Left Column: The left column shows related searches and the most recent searches made by you. Nothing has changed but since the quicktabs have abandoned the sidebar, you can quickly access the related search terms without having to scroll down the page.


Note: The Changes are implemented only for a small set of users and you might see the older interface of Bing. However, Bing plans to roll the updates for everyone in a couple of days from now.

SearchEngineLand spotted a few more enhancements. This includes queries related to automobiles, health and Finance.

If you search for honda accord specs, you get the following results on the older interface of Bing:


This is the old layout of search results the different links are shown one after another. However, with the newer design, you get more information regarding Honda specsand Bing takes you directly to the quicktab, as shown below:


Each of the orange links contain more information from MSN Autos. This is a very innovative approach to engage the user from the moment he completes a search and show him targeted content which is more likely to be useful.

[ via Bing Community Blog ]

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