New Bing App For iPhone Has Tons Of New Features

Since the re-launch of Microsoft Search as Bing in summer 2009, it has been gradually increasing its market share. Bing doesn’t only work well on the web but also on your smart phones and with the revised iPhone app, Bing brings you a lot of new features along with improved browsing.

Similar to web, you can now share your search result by emailing them to anybody. If you like something you see on a website, just copy/paste the URL or bookmark it. Remember, you can also bookmark maps, directions, search terms and access all these bookmarks from your Bing homepage. Do you let your kids use your iPhone, use newly introduced parental controls so inappropriate searches cannot be done without a password. Besides that, you can also view/edit search history or turn on the private search option which doesn’t store any information about your web searches.

Bing Bookmarks

Bing options

Bing also introduces the explicit location setting that lets your iPhone find you or search interesting things nearby your location. All this do indicate that Microsoft is very serious about trying to get ahead of Google, even if its just on mobile phones. The implementation of some cutting edge features mostly based on user feedback definitely shows that they are heading in the right direction. Do you think Bing will able to beat Google at least in the mobile search market?

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