Netflix Integrates With Facebook for Better Recommendations

Netflix has recently started testing Facebook integrations for a better recommendation service. Facebook is already a partner in the movie rental business with Warner Bros. Netflix, on the other hand, is the largest commercial cloud based movie recommendation service and has done an excellent job in recommending movies; all based on viewing history and user ratings. Their service is far superior to that offered by Warner Bros.


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The Facebook integration takes Netflix recommendations one-step deeper and adds a social dimension to their recommendation engine. This will help serve personalized Netflix content to users, just the way they want it. In this case, users should be willing to give up their personal data in return for better recommendations.

Patrick Seitz from has elaborated on the integration saying,

By connecting your accounts, your Facebook friends will be able to see that you’re a Netflix member as well as what you’ve watched, rated, what’s in your queue and other information about your use of the Netflix service,the terms state. You’ll be able to see the same information about your friends who participate.

Netflix also said it may personalize and otherwise enhance your experience based on your Facebook information, such as your Likes and Interests,the terms state.

In addition to this, Netflix also has many social features in plan. Though, it did not shed light on any of them.

Facebook is a storehouse of personal-data and if users allow Netflix access to Facebook, its quality of service will increase marginally. Being the current czar of streaming and rental movie services, Netflix will see a huge number of users who opt for this integration.

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