Hacker From Nepal Releases Huge List of Facebook Login Credentials

A hacker from Nepal, who goes by the name of Cru3l Int3ntion,  has released a huge list of Facebook usernames and passwords. This comes a few days after Facebook was hacked, and Facebook users found pornographic content on their wall posts. The hack is not motivated by any reason, and the hacker in question (Cru3l Int3ntion) does not seem to be affiliated with any international hacker collective. He claims responsibility for this hack, and has not tagged it under any Anonymous operation.


Cru3l Int3ntion has leaked login details for over 2500 Facebook accounts. The total list is 500 KB in size. Most of the hacked accounts have been locked due to repeated login attempts from multiple locations. This is Facebook’s preventive measure against hacks.  The method used in this hack is unknown.

Facebook has become a phishing haven. A few days ago, another hacker [email protected] 3xpl0!t released a list of hacked Facebook accounts.  A hacked Facebook account is a whole world of private data and this makes it so attractive for phishing scams. Unless Facebook does about it, its users are under a continuous risk. Phishing scams on Facebook are at an all-time high, and solving this is their biggest challenge at the moment.

If you want to check whether your Facebook account is hacked, head over to  pwnedlist.com.

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