Name-Tagging People Exposes Picasa Web Albums on Google+

Google+ recently caused privacy concerns with its unique idea of tagging and sharing. Name-tagging people in a Picasa Web Albums exposes the entire album to the public in Google+ quite badly. Once you name-tag someone in a Picasa Web Album, your entire album becomes publicly visible to people tagged in the album. Not only this, people can also reshare all other photographs from those albums in which they are tagged.

In its Picasa help document, Google claims “Tagging is sharing”. Since when is that? Well, that is since Google+ came to be.
Google has recently taken interest in this problem. Their reply at the help forum says,

The Google+ project is currently in Field Trial and we’re making rapid iterations on feedback we’ve received. We’re aware of the requests for more control over who can share albums and we’re working to address this.

That does not give an assurance for a fix but it echoes the fact that Google+ is open for change at the moment. Google+ has also listed a few dubious  suggestions like deleting your Picasa Web album or downgrading to move out of Google Plus. Either way, the solution to a problem cannot be another bigger problem, which is exactly what is being suggested here.

Google+ has a nice networking site going on. People love the concept of circles. They appreciate huddles and are intrigued by how simple, yet how elegant the entire Google+ system is. Fresh out of the incubator and that too half-baked, Google+ needs some more honing before it can go mainstream. Bugs keep springing up every now and then. However, bugs with a privacy concerns edge are dangerous. They attract a lot of negative press.

Google should work fast to resolve this issue and nip it in the bud. The issues can be seen on the Google Picasa Support forum at  this link.

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