My Opera Mail Based On Fastmail Is Here

For those who do not know, Opera the browser company also provides a mailing service based on Fastmail. The mailing service is known as Opera Mail and it just got integrated with myOpera to provide a seamless mailing experience. We covered the possibilities of this merger about a month back and finally, it is here today.


Opera is also working on launching a brand new email service, which will be integrated with myOpera. We will soon unveil a brand new webmail service where you will be using your existing My Opera username and password to log in, teased Opera’s Haavard Moen.

Opera acquired Fastmail back in April last year and it took them a year to integrate it with Opera Mail. However, this recent development came faster than I expected. With this integration in place, you can now log in to your My Opera Mail account at the URL This page accepts the same account you use across all opera services (Unite, Links and likewise).

The My Opera blog announces this by saying,

Our goal is to make a fast and friendly mail service that is efficient and easy to use on any device, whether you prefer to access your e-mail from Opera Mini on a mobile phone (dedicated mobile interface), a tablet with touch interface (large, comfortable buttons) or a desktop computer (extensive keyboard shortcuts).

The service is still in beta and has one of the new features Opera has been working on for sometime: threaded conversations. More changes are yet to come though, myOpera Mail needs to bring something remarkable to get more users convert over from other mailing services people use already.

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