Multi-Domain Support Now on Google Apps

Google Apps for domains adds a new layer of productivity, features and an extra charm to its service. Google Apps already gives professional email IDs, feed URLs, docs support, QR Code support, groups and so much more to add an extra level of functionality to one’s website. Adding to that, Google announced the support for multiple domains, a few hours ago.

Google today announced the availability of a multi-domain support for Google Apps. This would mean that we could access multiple domains from the same Google Apps account right from within our control panel. The availability of this much-anticipated feature  has made managing multiple websites spread across the same network, a lot easier.

From now onwards, we can manage groups and contact lists spread over different domains, under a single master account. This would allow moving, sharing and adding accounts in a more flexible manner. This would also allow setting up different levels of access. As an example, a certain group of contacts can have chat permissions while others can have the privileges of editing documents.

This feature gives Google Apps for Domain a professional touch and a multitude of features it has been lacking. However, the feature is currently available for Educational and Premium users free of charge.

It is good to see Google introduce this feature as Microsoft Exchange has had it from long ago. One difference here is that Microsoft Exchange has a limit on the number of domains. ReadWriteWeb gives a better understanding of the new features in this post.

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