Much Awaited Nintendo Wii and DS Lite To Hit Indian Markets on September 30th

I have been a big fan of Nintendo, and most of my childhood I spend playing popular console games such as Mario, Bomber man, Contra, Tetris and more on the console. Though not many have been able to get their hands on the Wii yet, Nintendo plans to change that all by introducing the Wii in the Indian markets on September 30th.

nintendo-wii-box-cover nintendo-wii-console

The Wii will be priced at Rs. 19,900 (INR) and DS Lite will cost users Rs. 7990 (INR) inclusive of all taxes. This news will definitely be rejoiced by game lovers across India, who are generally making the shift from PC games to consoles such as XBox and Playstation.


Given the fact that Wii games are also educational and help people stay fit, young children would definitely get a chance to play a different genre of games, including the ever popular Guitar hero. So will you be buying the Wii?

Image Credit: UberGizmo

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  • very nice. it’s about time those devices hit indian shores. :)

  • i’d like to know if the info was part of any press release?

    Any specifics on what exatly will be offered in the package(s)?

  • I would love to get my hand on this

  • Wow, only now it hits India. That’s a bit behind to the rest of the world. Anyways, I’m sure it will take the Indian market by storm.

  • I’m waiting for this many time, i will get 1 for sure, some one now the price ?