MSDN Partners With Stack Overflow, Now Showing Stack Overflow Results In Search

MSDN is the holy grail of programming for Visual Studio and has saved the lives of millions of programmers all around the world. Today, it added another parallel Q&A service, which is extremely popular amongst computer science all over the world.

By now, Microsoft has come to understand that its developer documentation is so not helpful and Stack Overflow does the job of simplifying this documentation. So much so, that now, developers are getting better responses from Stack Overflow as compared to the MSDN forum. This has usurped some concerns in Microsoft and has led them to this decision.

Stack Overflow announced this on their blog saying,

MSDN is Microsoft’s mega huge developer information portal, and we’re happy to announce that starting today, Stack Overflow search results will be incorporated into the results when you search for something on MSDN. That lets you see official Microsoft developer documentation alongside the community conversations that you need to actually make sense of the officialdeveloper documentation.

However, the user experience on Stack Overflow and its level of expertise is unmatched. Do you not believe me? See the result on this search query. MSDN pulls up and shows Stack Overflow results at the top!

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Chinmoy Kanjilal

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