MS DOS Themed Website Is Fun

My first ever introduction to computers was through MS DOS, where I spent countless hours creating nested directories, making it a pain for my professors to delete. I continue to use DOS even now and will continue to do it for a long time.

MS Dos Website

Thanks to Reddit, I came across a very cool site. A site which emulated MS DOS in a browser, complete with commands et al. Visiting the site brought back some nostalgia in the form of remember the good old floppy drive among other things.


Other than looking like MS DOS, the site works pretty well too allowing you to type in commands which actually produce output. The site was built by Michael Wilson, and this is what he has to say about it:

This is the hub site of Michael Wilson. It’s designed (ironically) to look like a 1980s single floppy-drived, green-screened, UNIX-loving computer of yesteryear. If you’ve got this far, you probably know what you’re doing. If you’re still confused type some of the commands below or click on the links above to visit my REAL sites like Facebook and Twitter.

For those who are interested, the site is built using JavaScript. Go ahead and give the site a try at, run some commands and have fun.

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