Mozilla RainDrop: The Future Of Email?

With the announcement of Google Wave, developers started thinking if our email is really up to par or if something can be done to improve it. A lot of people threw in a lot of ideas but one of the most significant ones that recently came out is called RainDrop.

Mozilla is introducing RainDrop as an open web technology to create useful and compelling messaging experiences. It is supposed to work by bringing important messages to the front and give them more prominence than other messages. When a Flickr photo or YouTube video arrives from a friend, you should be able to see it as part of the message instead of going to a new window.

Your mailing lists and notifications should not be spread all over the inbox and should be organized so you can skim through them when you want. A message from your boss, for example, might be more prominent than a shopping receipt from Walmart. RainDrop will also cater to other messaging services like Facebook and Twitter so you can manage them easily within your inbox. Direct messages and @replies on Twitter would be given more prominence in your inbox than say a ReTweet from a friend.

For more screenshots and explanatory videos, check the official page of RainDrop here.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

RainDrop promises to make our mailbox intelligent. Using RainDrop our mailbox would know/learn what messages we are more eager to see and which messages should not be piled on us till later. If Mozilla delivers the RainDrop technology just like they promise, it will be a very useful innovation in our daily communication. In addition to saving time, it will tremendously increase productivity and give way to use this intelligence in other applications as well.

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