Mozilla Confirms Firefox 3 Guinness World Record

The Spread Firefox team confirmed that the browser has received the Guinness World Record for the largest number of downloads in a single day. This is truly awesome for a browser that was released only in 2004.

The record confirms that on the date June 18, 2008 there were 8,002,530 downloads of Firefox 3. There has been a total of more than 28 million since Firefox 3 was released.


Thanks to the support of the always amazing Mozilla community, we now hold a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours. On June 18, 2008 8,002,530 people downloaded Firefox 3 and are now enjoying a safer, smarter and better Web.
Ever since Firefox was launched in 2004 we’ve relied on our community to help us spread the word, and thanks to projects including crop circles, newspaper ads, giant stickers, videos, blogs and more we now have 160 million+ users in more than 230 countries.

So it’s time to rejoice for the team at Mozilla, but since this was only the first attempt at creating such a record, we will hope to see it broken several times in the next few years.

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