Mount account in Windows Explorer

Update: If you are unable to mount as a folder, please read the fix for mounting as a drive in Windows for the solution.

Recently while I was doing some blog reading I came across an article on TwisterMc which talked about how to mount account on a Mac PC.

While I was happy reading it still I couldn’t use the same on my Windows XP box, so I did a bit of research and voila I found a way I could mount my account in Windows Explorer. free online storage is a online storage place which allows you to store files upto 1 GB online for free, It also has paid options for more storage space online. Using you can access your files from any computer that has an internet connection, uploading files is easy too.

Netvibes the popular start page also has as an integral module.

Here is the simple way in which you can mount as an additional network folder or drive in Windows XP ( I have not tested in any other environment but it should work )

To do this, right click on My Network Places in your explorer menu and click on Map Network Drive.

Select Map Network Drive

You will get a screen which is something like the screen shot below. In that click on Sign up for online storage or connect to a network server.

Map network Drive

Clicking on the link should bring up another screen as shown below, In this click on next which will take you to a screen which verifies your internet connection, once that is done you will get an option to Choose another network location as shown below, highlight that option and click on next.

Add Netwodk places in windows

Choose network location

In the next screen you will be asked to specify the Internet or Network location, in that box add and click on next, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password, enter the information and click on the Ok button.

Add url

Login with credentials

If the login is successful you will see another window which asks you to specify a name for the network drive I have entered it as Techie Buzz, you can name it accordingly.

Type a name for the mounted drive

If all goes well you will see the confirmation screen as shown below Clicking on finish will mount this drive to your network places and you can simply copy paste files to those drives from your Windows Explorer to your mounted drive.

Add network finish screen

You can easily access the mounted drive by going to My Network places the next time. You can copy and paste your files to the mounted drive or copy from your mounted drive to your local machine, dosen’t this make it easy to share your files online with different users.

Copy files to from windows explorer

View Files stored on in windows explorer

Note: It will ask you for your authentication details while you try to use it.

If you still need some more storage space, you may also want to read how to use Gmail as a storage device.

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  • Cameron

    OMG!!! Still not working!!!

  • Zehnder Matthias

    I do try to map a network drive –

    It tells me always:
    the folder you entered does not appear to be valid

    Could please somebody help me????

  • dm3

    I just did it. I had to download a free WebDAV client first (NetDrive) from and then use http instead of https in the url. Also I had to do it via the NetDrive interface – but the result is the same.

  • Raul


    Was getting the same error as the others but just tried with Netdrive and works


  • Fokker

    I can\’t make it work trough windows explorer and netdrive hangs the whole system in a catastrophic way. Why the hell it isn\’t working in explorer?

  • Ankit Agrawal

    This didnt work….

    It gives error message saying the folder you enter didnt appear to be valid…

    Any suggestions?

  • elfion

    ok, so i found a way

    1) you are gonna need this software
    2) it’s free but you register it here
    (see the bottom of the page)
    you enter your email and name, they will send you the registration code (fro me it took a couple of hours)
    you can use 1-step free ode-day email from this site in case you don’t want to receive stuff from them afterwards
    3) When creating a new connection
    of the 1-st page::
    -enter the name(anything you like)
    -choose “DAV – Distributed Authoring…”
    then on the second page::
    pass: yourpass
    root (the very last line): dav

    That’s it. Click OK and connect.

  • elfion

    ps but it won’t mount it as a drive, you will be able to work with it only thru the program!

  • keith

    Hey elfion,

    Thanks for the update. Will try it out and let you know.


  • Sumesh is one of the best storage services I know.\

    This is sure to make things easier.

  • Mike Wilson

    There is a problem with x64 version of Windows. You can not add an HTTPS folder.

    Still looking for solution…

  • keith

    Sorry Mike cannot help you as I am using a 32 bit version of windows.


  • rygle

    Webdrive is an expensive commercial alternative to Netdrive, although Netdrive has some freezing problems apparently, and it’s free status is questionable.

    Here’s a program that’s definitely free and seems to do the same thing;


    too bad ftpdrive only mount ftp, not webdav.

    webdav seem to be a fail, unsupported feature:

  • rainabba

    Nice article, but what you describe is not mounting a DRIVE. It’s mounting to a folder. I mention this because I just spent 10 minutes following your directions only to realize you’re describing a process I already know. You description had me hoping there was some little difference that would actually provide a drive, mapped to a WebDav folder.

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  • Jerry

    The problem with this approach is obvious. If you cannot always connect to the internet, or if it is a laptop, or if you copy/save large files, soon you will discover your desktop is locked / freezed.

    Drive mapping over the Internet is a very bad idea, unless you have rock solid connection. Microsoft Windows try to cache a lot of info, so whenever you open a folder with a lot of photos or video files, Explorer will slow down your PC to a crawl. Anyway, I would strongly recommend DriveHQ FileManager. Drive / folder mapping is trivial. It also comes with a lot of great features, such as sharing folders / files to a group of people with different levels of access permission; sync folders among multiple PCs and users. It never locks up PC and upload/download speed is generally much faster than web folder or ftp folder.

  • lydia

    thanks so much for the informative article, i’m so happy that i can access from my desktop. :)

  • Sam

    If Windows XP is telling you the https:// address is not valid, it is probably because you need to download this update from Microsoft.

    Windows Update

    It pretty much worked for me straight away but you may need to reboot.

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  • Sandeep

    I Fixed it !!

    Goto here:

    It updates windows web folder software.


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