This Sunday, Go to the Most Secure Super Bowl Ever

This Sunday, Go to the Most Secure Super Bowl Ever

The Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting events in the US. This Sunday, the Super Bowl will take the Internet by storm once again, and companies will compete head on to put up their best advertisement. However, what goes on behind the scene in such mega events, go unnoticed when there are $116,666 per second worth of advertisements running to fill up the gaps.

The Super Bowl sees tightly integrated security measures. However, for the coming Super Bowl on Sunday, security has been upped considerably, and it is believed that this is the most secure Super Bowl to have happened ever! Super Bowl is already a National Special Security Event, and this video demonstrates the security measures in place, at this Super Bowl, 2012.

The technologies used by the department of Homeland Security, for this Super Bowl include, but are not limited to Mobile Gamma-ray Vehicle Scanners (can look through six inches of steel), Mobile command Center and non-exploding manhole covers. The Department of Homeland Security has built an $18 million Regional Operations Center over 76,000 square foot at Indianapolis, which will co-ordinate all federal agencies involved in the Super Bowl. Besides the mega-command center, there is another million-dollar mobile command center, which has been built by Verizon.

In addition to these measures, they have also set up a surveillance network of cameras, which can be accessed through a web address. Cameras will also be deployed on helicopters and moving vehicles.

With every passing year, the Super Bowl gets bigger and this upped security brings out the best in all law enforcement agencies. Enjoy a safe Super Bowl, this Sunday.

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