Monitor Scout Monitors The Downtime Of Your Web Server, Round The Clock

Managing a website is easier said than done, as it is practically impossible for a person to keep an eye on his site’s uptime all day long. Bigger the website, larger the problem. There are so many technicalities and so many aberrations that you have to rely on a service which would check your site’s uptime every other minute and notify you when your site is unreachable.

There are a slew of server and website monitoring services out there but only a few of them offer round the clock service from multiple international locations. A big problem I have often faced with a lot of server monitoring services is that the notification email or SMS alert is not real time, which causes a loss of user goodwill, page views and revenue.

MonitorScout changes all this.

MonitorScout is a free uptime monitoring solution which lets you monitor the uptime on different protocols. Using MonitorScout, you can schedule periodic checks on HTTP, IMAP, DNS, TCP, FTP, SMTP, MySQL, VNC, POP3, PING, SSH, UDP and get email alerts when any of these protocols stops responding. The service is completely free to use, absolutely no strings attached.

If that is not all, MonitorScout records each downtime report in your online MonitorScout dashboard, so you will be able to figure out the exact time when your web server went down. You can generate uptime graphs and create a monthly or yearly uptime calendar, neatly presented in days, minutes and seconds – an example is shown below:



MonitorScout, is by no means limited to only uptime reports of your server. You can use this tool to monitor server resources e.g CPU, RAM, NIC, Processes and HDD. Setting up resource monitoring is no rocket science, all you have to do is set thresholds for a resource and pull down the trigger.

MonitorScout’s resource monitoring service will keep a watch on your server’s resources and notifications will be emailed to you, the moment any resource  crosses your threshold limit.


After running a website for three years, I know how important it is to monitor server resources round the clock, as this is the prime cause why a website goes down. Whenever there is a rush of traffic or your CPU is ambushed with too many instantaneous requests, it sweats and begins to give up. In these situations, MonitorScout can emerge as a savior by alerting you that there is a sharp increase in server usage. When you are informed about an emergency, you can surely take appropriate actions to prevent the anticipated outrage. The result is nothing but a pleasant and non interrupted user experience.

Go to and register your free website and server monitoring account today.

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