Microsoft Offering $100 If Your Phone Can Beat Windows Phone

Microsoft has been really aggressive in marketing Windows Phone to customers. It has not only been pushing its device partners to increase their marketing spend for their Windows Phone powered smartphones, but has actively challenged other platforms and doled out free Windows Phones on Twitter.

Recently, it was giving away free Windows Phones to anyone who was pissed at Android and tweeted about it using the hashtag #droidrage.

At CES 2012, it not only unveiled new flagship smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II, but is also challenging attendees with cash prizes in order to promote Windows Phone.

@BenThePCGuy from the Windows Phone blog is challenging CES attendees to beat his Windows Phone device in everyday tasks using their phone running on any other platform. If you win, you get $100. You may also win free Windows Phones by participating in the contest, but the rules aren’t completely clear yet.

So if you’re strolling around CES, and think that your phone can beat Windows Phone, here’s your chance to make a quick 100 bucks.

More details at the Windows Phone Blog: I’ve got $100 that says your smartphone will get #smokedbywindowsphone

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