Microsoft Heavily Recruiting For Windows Phone Divisions Globally, Targeting Startups Too

As  my job search continues, I came across several job openings in Microsoft’s Windows Phone division. Across the globe, Microsoft is looking to hire from developers to managers for their mobile platform.

The statistics might claim abysmal market presence but when a company decides to recruit in bulk for a division, it means the company is more serious than many realize. Windows Phone 7 is off to a positive start. I wrote about Brandon Watson’s open challenge to web celebrities and Molly Wood who took up the challenge is quite pleased with what she sees. The platform is seeing growing adoption from developers as well.

Back in May, after visiting TechCrunch Disrupt,  I wrote that Microsoft should target incubators and startups to develop apps for Windows Phone. This is crucial since, unlike early Windows days, developers are releasing their apps first for iOS, followed by Android and then consider Windows Phone. The result is when the app gets all the initial hype, Windows Phone is missing from the action and it doesn’t look good for the platform.

According to a job posting I came across, this might change. Charlie Kindel, General Manager for the Windows Phone Developer Experience left Microsoft to be part of the startup community. His departure attracted a lot of attention. When Todd Bishop at GeekWire asked him about his choice of mobile platform for a potential app, here’s what he said:

Hypothetically, if my new company were to build mobile apps, we’d target WP7 first. You know the old saying Code Talks:   I know I can build a beautiful and functional WP7 app in afraction  of the time it would take to build an iOS or Android app. Startups are about executing quickly. But I’m sure we’d quickly take what we learned there and apply it on all the popular devices.

Several Microsoft employees are developing useful and beautiful Windows Phone 7 apps and interacting internally has helped Microsoft with their app platform – AppHub. If Microsoft can convince  entrepreneurs  to consider Windows Phone as a first-release platform they can mitigate one of the biggest negatives against the platform. The silver lining for Microsoft is that developers are considering, in some cases, Android instead of iOS as a first-release platform. This means they are open to alternatives.

Business Development is crucial for companies and a key role for one of the candidates is:

Engage the Industry. Engage with industry counterparts and influentials to proactively identify emerging opportunities, including engagement with the VC community, start-ups, corporate leaders, and thought leaders.

Spotting emerging trends and going after them is important for both Windows and Windows Phone. A quick search for new jobs has led me to several Interaction Designers, Software Development and Test, Managers and Marketing executive positions. Among these is a Portfolio Manager position Microsoft is looking to fill in Chile, Taiwan and UK. These individuals will be responsible for working with OEMs and partners to get more devices out to as many users as possible. (Another positive sign when it comes to Microsoft’s global intentions for Windows Phone.)

Excuse me while I go and apply.

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