Microsoft Surface To Allow Glassless Interaction With  3D Objects Someday

Microsoft Surface To Allow Glassless Interaction With 3D Objects Someday

A couple of days ago I came across job posting on Microsoft’s website where the company was looking for an engineer to work on the core aspects of the next generation of Microsoft Surface—the expensive table that’s a computer. The posting had no details about what the next generation Surface might have. Microsoft Research, however, has now uploaded an interesting video showing interaction with a 3D object on a table-top surface. The cool part, it is glassless 3D. The concept shown in the video uses Microsoft’s Kinect to recognize the interaction and some IR cameras beneath the table. Microsoft’s Surface v2 got rid of the bulky look and introduced a sleek design, the table shown in the video is a bulky one.

The research project called Vermeer has been created at Microsoft Research’s Cambridge facility. The research team explains Vermeer as:

Vermeer is a novel interactive 360° viewable display suitable for a tabletop form factor. It provides viewpoint corrected stereoscopic 3D graphics to simultaneous users 360° around the display, without the need for eyewear or other user instrumentation.

A short video prepared by the team demonstrates the concept with some technical background:

PCWorld named Vermeer as one of the top 10 research projects to watch out for.

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