Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble Over Android based Nook, Wants to Block NookColor

In a developing story with very little details, Microsoft has sued Barnes and Nobles over their NookColor ebook reader for using Android. Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass has commented that Microsoft wants to block the imports of the device. Microsoft has in the past sued phone manufacturers for using Android.

based on rumors, Amazon is also considering an Android based ebook reader.

More on the story as details are made available.

Update: Here’s a statement from Horacio Gutierrez, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Intellectual Property & Licensing at Microsoft,

“The Android platform infringes a number of Microsoft’s patents, and companies manufacturing and shipping Android devices must respect our intellectual property rights. ┬áTo facilitate that we have established an industry-wide patent licensing program for Android device manufacturers.”

He further said that Foxconn and Inventec are also being sued over the infringements.

Update #2: GeekWire has posted excerpts of the patents that Microsoft has sued Barnes & Noble with.

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