Microsoft Socl to Go Up Against Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Microsoft is apparently working on its own social network – It was first revealed earlier this year, when a teaser page appeared at the site, revealing Tulalip, Microsoft’s latest attempt at social.

We hadn’t heard about it since, but the guys at The Verge seem to have gotten an early look at the site, which is still in private beta.

It looks similar to Facebook, in terms of the interface and has some of the same features as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

With Socl, Microsoft may be trying to integrate the search and social experience for its users. It allows users to post two kinds of updates – a search update and the traditional status update.

When you do a search update, it also adds Bing results to your feed, which you and your friends can then interact with.

It also comes with a “Video Party” feature, which allows users to watch videos online with their friends.

It may be launched soon, but there is a chance that it may not even see the light of the day. In any case, It’s going to have a hard time siphoning users away from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is very likely that it may end up with the same fate as Apple’s Ping.

Socl may be another drain on Microsoft’s coffers, and a public launch may mean that Microsoft’s Online Services division, which is losing billions of dollars every year, may not become profitable for another couple of years.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft may launch it publicly soon with an invite-based system. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

Microsoft Socl

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  • Seriously? aren’t there enough social networks already? who asked Microsoft to make one?

  • Wow i can rly see this taking of IF they integrate it with windows

  • I work for Microsoft and I can assure you socl is only a backup plan, in case facebook were to betray us, and merge with google. We are TOTALLY loyal to facebook and this come from high up in mgmt, as well as the general consensus or regular employees.

    basically, its MS and facebook
    against google +