Microsoft Unveils Social Network for Students, Powered by Facebook Connect

Microsoft has finally unveiled, its new social network. We had reported on Socl earlier, when speculation suggested that Microsoft was aiming to compete with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by launching its own network – Socl.

At that point, we commented that it would likely fail, just like Apple’s Ping. However, it turns out that Microsoft is still quite friendly with Facebook, and isn’t going up against it in the social arena just yet.

Microsoft Research just launched, which is a social network aimed at students. It is powered by Facebook Connect, and requires you to sign in using your Facebook account if you want to use it.

Like Facebook, it is rolling out slowly, and is currently available only for a few universities.

Apparently, has ben designed to enable students to “extend their educational experience and rethink how they learn and communicate.” It lets them “find students with similar interests and build communities around specific educational goals.” aims to connect users not with their friends, but with people they don’t know who share similar interests. It won’t replace existing social networks, but may succeed in creating a niche of its own.

As we reported before, it comes with social search features powered by Bing, and also allows users to share videos using a Video Party feature. It also has instant blogging features, which allow you to share content easily.

You can check out Microsoft Socl here –

Microsoft Socl

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