Microsoft Sells 240 Million Windows 7 Licenses

Windows 7 UltimateThere is no doubt that is one of the best operating system ever created by Microsoft, and there was no doubt that it was also the fastest selling OS in History.

If you ever doubted that fact, a recent Microsoft post will subdue your doubts. Microsoft has claimed that it has sold over 240 million licenses of Windows 7 in the past one year. Windows 7 now commands over 17% of the global OS market share and runs on 93% of the new consumer PCs made since last year.

Another interesting fact is that all 18,000 Microsoft OEM offer Windows 7 as the default installation as compared to 70% for , which was probably one of the worst OS Microsoft ever made, if you leave Windows Millennium out of the picture that is.

Microsoft also pointed out that in the past year the customer satisfaction for their products have outpaced Apple, which was only possible because of Windows 7.

So are you a Windows 7 PC?

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Sells 240 Million Windows 7 Licenses”

  1. Windows 7 exceeded my expectations and is definitely way ahead of vista when it comes to user satisfaction. However MS is losing ground to google and others in other fields like open office and google docs.

  2. Yes Microsoft finally got it down, Windows 7 is VERY easy to use, and also doesn’t slow down your computer. I am still trying to figure out though what the SP1 does. So far I can’t tell a difference.

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