Microsoft To Open Retail Stores

Microsoft who is one of the biggest software manufacturers in the world, do not have a retail presence yet, does that surprise you? Well, it would not , however they have build their empire mainly on online and third party sales till date.

However Microsoft does have a wide range of products including both software and hardware, games and more.


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The have been manufacturing the Windows OS, Office products, games, game consoles, computer devices, music devices and more, so it makes more sense for them to have their own retailing unit, however that decision has been put off for quite a long time.

According to Mashable, Microsoft will soon set its foothold in the retail industry by opening up stores to sell their products, you can expect the entire range of Microsoft products in store.

This makes sense since they could garner more sales and profits in their own stores, than they would in a third party store, who have their own margins, thus making the final profits a bit lower.

The announcement was made by Microsoft COO Kevin in the Worldwide Partner Conference, however there is no dates available when Microsoft will start opening these stores and how many of them they will be opening.

Another interesting announcement was that Microsoft will be opening going after Apple by opening these store near to the current Apple stores, that is definitely a bold decision, considering Apple have had these stores for quite sometime now.

What is you take about this? Would you go and buy products from the Microsoft stores or still prefer to buy it from 3rd party vendors or online?

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