Microsoft Quietly Changed Windows Phone Chassis Specs

As it turns out Microsoft’s plans for cheaper phones are now taking shape. For Microsoft, their partnership with Nokia was going to take Windows Phone to the masses. Powerful distribution, cheaper and sturdy handsets are Nokia’s MO, and that is what Microsoft needs. The Lumia 710 fits the bill; it is cheap and it has features. While the phone is essentially a Windows Phone 7 version of a previously used design, it is a strategy used often.

Leading to Windows Phone 7 launch, Microsoft said they will have 3 chassis specs for the OEMs to build phones. At launch and even the new Mango range of handsets have been built to those specs. Microsoft enthusiast @ms_nerd posted on Twitter that Microsoft had updated their chassis specs to exclude cameras from the required list. This is quite the change from the initial specs of having at least a rear camera.

Nokia’s Lumia 800 comes without the front facing camera which is a deal breaker according to me. While the change is definitely done with cheaper handsets in mind, time will tell whether removing basic features like a camera will impact Windows Phone sales compared to cheaper Android phones with cameras.

The Windows Phone Chassis Specs  were updated back in September and contrary to how other websites are reporting this, @ms_nerd was the one who spotted this.

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