Patent Firm Sues Apple; Has License Deal with Microsoft

The patent wars just never stop getting interesting, do they? Just as Apple was busy likely trolling Google and Motorola by requesting data related to Android development and the acquisition in reference to a patent lawsuit, it seems that Microsoft has shifted focus from its favorite target – Google – to Apple.

So here’s the whole deal: Microsoft apparently licensed some patents to a patent holding company called Core Wireless, and received a passive financial interest in the future revenue of those patents, generated by licensing them.

The owner of Core Wireless, Mosaid Technologies, has now filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, claiming that it infringes on 8 of its wireless communication patents. The devices in question are multiple variants of the iPhone and the iPad.

Microsoft also has a similar arrangement with Intellectual Ventures, which is one of the biggest patent holding company known to mankind, and also the most feared patent troll in the world.

It’s unlikely that Microsoft was directly involved in the complaint against Apple, given that they have collaborated before, most recently to gang up against Google in the Nortel patent auctions.

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