Microsoft Hurries To Launch iPad Rival

A tablet based on Windows is no news. It has been rumored for more than a few months now but nothing concrete had come up so far. Well, after the successful launch of iPad, that has changed a bit. Microsoft is not too happy about iPad’s increasing sales and wants to launch a rival tablet before Apple eats up the whole market share.

Steve Ballmer, who made a mention of the project today, also said that “It is job one urgency. No one is sleeping at the switch.” This is a clear indication of how serious Microsoft really is about launching its own ¬†version ¬†of the tablet that will obviously run on a modified version of Windows 7. There are no details out yet but analysts speculate that the device will be in the market before the year ends, hopefully during the Holiday season so Microsoft can enjoy that extra bit of revenue.

There is also no information on who would manufacture the device and what the specifications would be, but it is clear that Microsoft would have to come up with something clever to give Apple a serious fight. If they make the same mistakes they made with their iPod rival “Zune”, they will be stamped with yet another failure.

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