Microsoft Brand Gets a new Tagline: “Be What’s Next”

Microsoft hasn’t exactly been cutting edge when it comes to technology and innovation. However, in an effort to compete with rivals like Apple and Google, Microsoft has inititated a rebranding strategy with a new tag line. “Be What’s Next” is what you will see on many Microsoft promotions in a few days.

The announcement was made today at Microsoft Global Experience Conference in Atlanta. A video clip was also displayed at the conference with different logos for various Microsoft products. The spokesman Lou Gellos explained that the logos are not new logos but “directional examples” shown to the employees. ┬áMany people think that the tagline doesn’t follow the approach Microsoft has adopted since last few years. With no game-changing products being introduced and slow rate of adoption for innovative technologies, it is hard to perceive Microsoft as the company of tomorrow; something which the new tag line hopes to achieve.

What do you think about this new branding strategy? Would it give Microsoft something a boost or would it be another object of ridicule for Microsoft?

[Via SeattlePi]

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