Microsoft and Facebook Also Trying To Buy FourSquare

FourSquare is probably the hottest web property in town right now. We already knew that Yahoo! is probably trying to buy out FourSquare, but it seems like Microsoft and Facebook have joined the bandwagon too. The valuation FourSquare is getting right now seems to be north of $100 Million.

One should keep in mind though that besides these acquisition and partnership offers, FourSquare still has lots of VCs eager to pour money in. What will Dennis Crowley, the founder of FourSqaure, decide? He has already sold one of his startups , Dodgeball, to Google before and that wasn’t the best decision of his life.

Techcrunch is also reporting that Facebook may be more interested in a strategic partnership instead of an outright acquisition. This will serve Facebook well in complementing its own , location based service, which is talk of the town since last few weeks. Do you think Dennis Crowley should sell FourSquare or just trust its growth rate and wait for a bigger and better opportunity?

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  • I do not think that Dennis should be selling Foursquare. Foursquare is really one of the best social networking service I have ever seen. The idea of this site is just unique. It may not be a good option to sell it now. It has a really far way to go. Foursquare may also become one of the biggest competitors to Facebook and Twitter.

  • I had never heard of foursquare until now. I tried to go to the website, but you have square misspelled in your post. So it took me to some junk parked domain. When I did find the right website it seemed like a pretty cool idea. I wouldn't be too surprised if he just sells out again. If he gets more money this time, why not sell?