Microsoft Acquires Third Party Service and Previous Partner AviCode

Microsoft has made it’s first acquisition in the year 2010 as an application-performance-monitoring vendor AviCode. The announcement was made two days ago on the 6th of October. AviCode has been a long time Microsoft partner and there is no word on the price details.

The service will be integrated into mainstream products allowing their users to monitor performance of local and cloud applications. While close rival Google is making one targeted  acquisition  after another, Microsoft has decided to lay low until now. However, it kept making acquisitions without making a fuss about them.

The Technet page explaining this says,

Integration of AVIcode technologies with System Center Operations Manager will help customers close the management gapbetween existing, on-premises applications and those delivered via the cloud, providing a comprehensive view of application performance, end user experience and the ability to respond more quickly to business needs.

MS made a recent acquisition of Vivaty without any big  announcements  well. This marks a game acquisition and the virtual world being mutually exclusive, Microsoft surely has some plans for the virtual world.

Microsoft holds a considerable cloud potential and these services it acquires contain technologies that can be used to build a more robust and clean utility with features that people miss in existing solutions.


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