Microsoft Raking in 100k Users a Day from Easier Hotmail Setup in Windows Phone 7…err in iOS 5

You would think that Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 would be bringing in a massive amount of Hotmail users on a daily basis, but it turns out…wait for it…wait for it….iOS! In iOS 5, Apple added an easier Hotmail setup in the Mail app, which has led to a massive increase in activations for Microsoft. Shockingly, Microsoft is seeing almost 100,000 ¬†new iOS 5 devices logging in to Hotmail every day.

Microsoft’s Chris Jones published an official blog post on Wednesday that over ¬†2 million iOS 5 users have connected their Hotmail accounts to iPhones or iPads, and that number isn’t slowly down. In fact, the number continues to increase rapidly, at the rate of nearly 100,000 iOS 5 devices a day! Dang.

iOS 5 Hotmail 100k

What’s ironic is that the majority of these devices are iPhones. How about that Windows Phone 7? 40 percent are using the iPhone 4 to log in, while 24 percent are using the iPhone 4S. ¬†Another 12 percent of Hotmail connections to iOS 5 come from the iPhone 3GS.

Hotmail users have been able to set up Hotmail before iOS 5, but it was a little bit complicated because the process required a Microsoft Exchange setup.

Isn’t it funny on how Microsoft won’t release the number of Windows Phone 7 devices sold, but will boast about how well their own service is doing on another platform?

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